Future musicianship and present educational practices’

Vol. 3

The focus on practice in music research is long overdue. As an impelling alternative to traditional musicological approaches, the study of practices can promote a more dynamic understanding of music as art and action. In fact, the establishment of a new field of research – not based on ideation and preconceived systematisation – is a reasonable ambition if we choose to pursue this path.

In the upcoming issue of Music + Practice, we would welcome papers focusing on ‘Future musicianship and present educational practices’, as well as contributions that further explore some of the following questions:

  • How can your study of artistic practices lead to new knowledge?
  • How may studies of practice lead to better practice?
  • What defines a good and desirable practice?
  • If practice is a conceivable entity, how can we identify and comprehend its constituting parts? What are the elements of a given practice?
  • What is the relationship between practice and artistic or aesthetic quality?

We welcome papers from senior researchers as well as from postgraduate students. Only original papers (not published or accepted for publication elsewhere) will be accepted.

Submission deadline for the upcoming issue is 1 October 2016. Submissions should be sent as email attachments to: Please also use this address for any further queries in the first instance. We kindly refer prospective authors to our website for further details concerning submissions:

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