Call for papers

Technique and Practice, Vol. 4

What is the difference between musical technique and practice, and how are they interlinked? If musical practices depend on technique, this dependency is hardly thematised in the literature. Technique is likely to be regarded as a means, as an ideally transparent element of musical performance without any musical significance of its own. However, such a simplistic subordination or even sanctioning of technique does not necessarily serve the study of musical practices. Technique does not only precondition practice but may also be considered as set of skills on which practice is depending on in order to manifests itself. Thus, technique may not only form and influence the practices themselves but can also be a relevant entry to the study of musical practices.

The upcoming issue of Music & Practice will focus on the relationship between technique and practice, as well as contributions that may explore some of the following questions:

  • How can the transgression or dismembering of instrumental technique reveal its relation to practice?
  • What is the relationship between technique, practice and musical structure?
  • How do we comprehend the aesthetics implied by a given technique?
  • What is the role and significance of embodiment in technique and practices?

We welcome original papers from senior researchers, practitioners and postgraduate students.

Submission deadline for the upcoming issue is 1 September 2018. Submissions should be sent as email attachments to: Please also use this address for any further queries in the first instance. We kindly refer prospective authors to our website for further details concerning submissions:

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